Announcing Our Clear And Simple Pricing

Announcing Our Clear And Simple Pricing

We are very happy to have finally announced our pricing.

As we’re stepping out with our own approach I wanted to personally take this opportunity to give everyone insight into our thinking.
Settling on a pricing structure (and price!) is notoriously difficult though we were clear in knowing what we didn’t want to do.
Byta is a service built for everyone working in music today. In order to be that service we are opposed to the following for obvious reasons:

  • opaque or unpublished pricing
  • signup fees / no self signup
  • forced group pricing (single user pays same price as X users)
  • bandwidth caps
  • watermarking as a required feature

In addition, our free tier is integral to Byta.

For some users it’s the key to an improved receiving experience. Others will also use Byta for quickly sharing their audio when Byta’s additional features aren’t yet required. We welcome all free users, no matter how they choose to use our service.

Lastly, much has been made of the new VAT MOSS legistation introduced earlier this year. Read a good overview from Digital Arts. VAT MOSS is frustrating for anyone dealing directly with UK & European customers online, but as of January 01, 2015 it’s the law.

VAT MOSS can be messy to say the least so we’d like to thank Will Bond for his VAT MOSS Implementation Approach which formed the basis of our solution.

Want to talk pricing or anything else? Get in touch.

Marc Brown