Announcing Solo: a new monthly plan for creators

Announcing Solo: a new monthly plan for creators

Low-cost audio storage. Helping Creators of today: Byta kicks off 2022 by launching a new monthly plan: Solo. £1/$1/€1.

Byta’s goal is to provide artists and their teams with the tools and knowledge needed to move their careers forward. So, we are very excited to announce the launch of our new plan: Solo

“One of the challenges of being an up-and-coming artist, musician, producer, or creator of any discipline, is the cost. Early on the same work needs to be accomplished, with the barrier of little or no income,” explains Byta founder and CEO Marc Brown. “Solo is designed to help,” 

The Solo subscription tier sits comfortably between our existing ‘Free’ and ‘Creator’ plans. Solo includes everything that the Free plan offers with additional 1GB of audio storage [≈300+ mp3 files], plus save and tag contacts. 

Solo is only $1 / £1 / €1 per month.

Use Solo to quickly upload, stream and securely send and receive audio files on the go. Share your music with the right people quickly and easily by storing and tagging contacts. Stream or share whilst on-the-move. A perfect pairing for Byta’s upcoming iOS app. 

Byta enables the sending and receiving of digital audio files & streams in a clean, simple and secure way. Built for everyone working with music today. Byta remains unrivalled in taking advantage of audio files’ unique properties – reading and writing file metadata, converting file formats and delivering fast yet secure streaming. All of these features come with every Byta plan, including Solo.