Announcing Teams Free Accounts + Team Restrictions

Announcing Teams Free Accounts + Team Restrictions

Teams Free Account

Byta is unique in allowing our users to both send & receive from their own personal account.

Team Accounts enable users to upload and share audio between groups of individual users of any size – from 2 to 200, and beyond.

As more and more companies move to Teams we’re meeting users with different needs. For example those who only upload or just login for listening purposes, instead of actively Sharing.

This is why today we are launching Teams Free Accounts together with Team Restrictions.

Byta’s Teams Free is exactly as it sounds, a Free version of the Team Account for users who don’t need to Share.

Team Restrictions

As Teams get larger communication about which albums or tracks are for sharing and in what format becomes even more complex.

Internal Listening, the simple act of listening to new records and new mixes is equally complex for larger Teams.

Now with the click of a button uploaders and Admins may “Prevent Sharing” on any Card as well as apply any Restrictions they would normally add to a Share.

No more swapping Dropbox or Box links, downloading WAVs then importing to iTunes. No more internal Sharing of watermark links via email. No more external Sharing of records too early by mistake.
Teams Free and Team Restrictions – cleaner, faster and more secure Internal Listening.

Teams Free Account upgrades are available on request. Contact us to learn more.