Private Sharing Links Update

Private Sharing Links Update

Announcing Byta’s Universal Links

Byta is the audio platform for everyone working in music today. From the newest of artists to the largest record companies in the world.
We make this possible by ensuring everyone can privately share their music the way they want, with share settings they control.
To further that goal we are announcing Universal Links.
Think Private Soundcloud Links but without the ads, better streaming security and the option to allow downloads without recipients needing to log in. Simple as that.
As part of this upcoming release we are updating the names of each type of Sharing to better reflect the unique properties offered by each type of private streaming link.


Each trackable link is sent directly to one or more users via their email address
For Users Of: File Transfer Services or Watermark Music Promotion Services
Best For: Higher security releases, where you are targeting certain people and/or sharing pre-requested music direct to individual recipients

Universal Links:

Your Universal Link is sent to you via email, pass to others for further sharing to their contacts
For Users Of: Private Soundcloud Links
Best For: The perfect one listening link solution when sharing single tracks or albums more widely, instead of sending a Soundcloud link for streaming and a separate link to download the audio file

Protected Links:

Your password Protected Link is be sent to you via email, pass to others and audio will immediately appear in their contacts account once they click on the link and login
For Users Of: Watermark Music Promotion Services or Box / Dropbox Password Protected Shared Links
Best For: Passing a link in email or over chat yet need to retain the same level of tracking and security offered when sharing a Direct Streaming Link


Your Mailchimp embed code is sent to you via email, for pasting directly into your Mailchimp campaigns
For Users Of: Mailchimp for their music marketing
Best For: Anyone who is looking to embed and track audio in their Mailchimp campaigns as well as managing one contact mailing list
Users should start to see the new Share page dropdown options in early January.