Byta Loves Mailchimp – Integration Update & New Features

Byta Loves Mailchimp – Integration Update & New Features

We’ve kept quiet about our Mailchimp Integration since launching it in beta.

Still, Byta is the only service offering senders complete control over the look and feel of their mailouts while maintaining security.
Now finally the last set of changes we have been dying to make are live:

  • Byta reconfirms embedded audio and API connection when previewing from Mailchimp
  • One click importing of your Mailchimp Lists into Byta
  • Email confirmation when adding or editing your Mailchimp API

These improvements and new features ensure securely sharing Byta audio in Mailchimp campaigns is as easy as possible.

Sending is only half of the story

We listen to recipients and consider all features from their point of view. We also educate senders on what recipients want, or more importantly what they don’t want!

Take PR mailouts. Traditionally announcements are sent in Mailchimp and a secure audio link in an email following from another service. More work for the sender, two differently styled emails for the recipient.

Sharing Byta audio in Mailchimp means less email and more consistent styling, which makes reading and clicking to listen is as simple as possible. When receiving 100s of emails a day those numbers add up.

Not to mention recipients have the option to receive audio direct to their own Free Account on web and on iOS.

With that we’re confident is saying Byta’s Mailchimp Integration is the best experience for recipients we’ve ever seen.