Announcing the Winner of the Byta & PRS Guitars Riff Mix Challenge!

Announcing the Winner of the Byta & PRS Guitars Riff Mix Challenge!

In December 2022, Byta teamed up with PRS Guitars to present the Riff Mix Challenge! Details can be found here. Music creators from across the globe were invited to remix a track recorded by UK Funk-trio, TRIONIQ (featuring members of Jamiroquai & Brooklyn Funk Essentials).

The submitted remixes were then listened to, judged and a winner was chosen by members of the band, the team at PRS Guitars and here at Byta.

… And we have a winner!

A big congratulations to Zaddi Pesino, who has won a *brand new* PRS SE Silver Sky guitar (pictured) and a Freelancer plan on Byta!

We asked Zaddi about his winning remix:

“I’ve been writing songs since I was a starry-eyed lad and although it’s an exciting challenge to see how far you can get on your own, a special kind of magic happens when people work together.

Kudos to Marc, Jamie, and the Byta team for giving me the opportunity to sharpen my production skills and providing a valuable tool for creatives, TRIONIQ for the clean stems and killer performance (the track was recorded live off the floor if you can believe it and if you can’t, it’s on YouTube), and last but not least, PRS Guitars for their generosity and commitment to quality instruments.

When we dare to be wild, romantic, and idealistic, the possibilities for creation are limitless. When we are oriented towards discipline, logic, and pragmatism, things get done. I dedicate myself to the balance.”

  • Listen to Zaddi’s winning remix of TRIONIQ’s ‘Elbow Grind’ right here or below!

Music from Zaddi Pesino’s limitless pipeline coming soon: