Byta & PRS Guitars’ Riff Mix Challenge – Enter Now! (Win a PRS SE Silver Sky + Byta upgrade)

Byta & PRS Guitars’ Riff Mix Challenge – Enter Now! (Win a PRS SE Silver Sky + Byta upgrade)

Remix time!

Byta / byta.com and PRS Guitars have partnered to offer up an incredible opportunity: the Riff Mix Challenge.

Participants are invited to download and remix/rework original music stems recorded specifically for this challenge by TRIONIQ. A trio featuring members Rob Harris (Jamiroquai, Sister Sledge, Beverly Knight), Iwan VanHetten (Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Sister Sledge, Pointer Sisters) and Paul Turner (Jamiroquai, Sister Sledge, Brother Strut). The mission? To create something new, imaginative and original using the stems provided.

Participating in the Riff Mix Challenge could not be simpler. 

  • Challenge Opens – Thursday, December 15th 2022 
  • Challenge Closes – Tuesday, January 31st 2023

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Sign up to Byta for free at https://byta.com 
  2. Download the stems recorded and provided by TRIONIQ here.
  3. Do your most creative work and impress the judges (featuring an industry panel and members of TRIONIQ)  by remixing/reworking the material. Nothing is too “out there” here!
  4. Upload your final version to the Byta platform. Send it to prsriffmix@byta.com using the ‘Direct Share’ method to be judged. 
  5. More information here: https://byta.com/riffmixchallenge 

ONE WINNER will be chosen by our panel.

The prize:

More info here. Sign up, access the stems via the link and start creating/remixing via your favourite DAW!

More about PRS Guitars

From founder Paul Reed Smith:

The road from my workshop in a historic, haunted Annapolis (USA) garret to a state-of-the-art factory was a tough one. My first guitar was built as a challenge to my college music professor for some credits. I got an “A”. 

With a backstage pass in hand, I’d peddle my guitars to the stars. One night in ten I’d make a sale. Carlos Santana, Al Di Meola, Howard Leese, and other well-known players agreed to check one out. 

After getting a small following and orders for more than 50 guitars, we built two prototypes. We continue to push the curve beyond what others would consider perfection. With experts to make sure the technology is unsurpassed, and dedicated craftspeople who guarantee a finished product you can’t put down. We make no compromises. The moral? Believe in your dreams.

The present featured artist list of PRS guitar-using musicians is long and distinguished, take a look here.

More about Byta

Byta (“Bee-tah”: the Swedish word for exchange) is unrivalled in taking advantage of the unique properties found in audio files. By simplifying the reading and writing of file metadata, conversion of file formats and delivery of fast yet secure streaming, the platform enables everyone to send and receive digital audio in a clean, simple and secure way. Byta also believes that in order to have a successful career in music creators need to gather as much information as possible about the music ecosystem. So Byta launched  #HowWeListen, a not-for-profit organisation that complements the company’s ultimate goal: providing artists and their teams with the tools and knowledge needed to move their careers forward.


Three seasoned artists, songwriters, producers, and touring musicians Iwan VanHetten (Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Sister Sledge, Pointer Sisters) Rob Harris (Jamiroquai, Sister Sledge, Beverly Knight) and Paul Turner (Jamiroquai, Sister Sledge, Brother Strut) have joined forces in an exciting band TRIONIQ. The trio have gathered numerous accolades throughout their individual careers, playing on a string of hits and performing worldwide. Following their first E.P. ‘1’, the band’s new release ‘Deux’ showcases their love of soulful expression and groove-based playing, captured “in the moment”. All songs were recorded live in the studio in one take. As Rob points out: “We don’t want to over-think or over-produce our music, just record it – and if it feels good it IS good!” 

TRIONIQ’s latest album entitled ‘One Deux Tres’ features some of the finest musicians in the music industry as guests such as Ash Soan, Shean Williams, Sola Akingbola and Ryan Aston.