Byta & CD Baby’s Digital Launch Academy is back! 2nd March 2023

Byta & CD Baby’s Digital Launch Academy is back! 2nd March 2023

Byta & CD Baby present: Digital Launch Academy (#2)

A free 1-day course: preparing to release music in the digital age.

Releasing music is easier than ever before. The hard part? 

Planning, organising, achieving.

Register free: byta.com/digital-launch-academy 

  • Registration is now open until: Wednesday, March 1st. Reserve your free spot!

On Thursday, March 2nd 2023, Byta / byta.com and CD Baby are partnering to present the second Digital Launch Academy after a hugely successful first instalment in November 2022. A full-day course consisting of four individual 45-minute sessions focused on releasing and launching music. From pre-release hygiene and planning to release timelines and monetising music. These sessions will help to equip tomorrow’s artists and industry leaders with the tools required to instil life, organisation and impact into their release campaigns. Free to attend but you must reserve your spot!

“I just wanted to say thank you. The whole thing was SO helpful. I was really impressed with all the presenters.” Erik Jacobson, Musician – Mama DIgdown’s Brass Band

Digital Launch Academy is open to artists, creators and individuals already or aspiring to work in any discipline or location within the music ecosystem. 

Together, all four sessions will help provide the knowledge required to move a music career forward. Each session will explore a different issue which everyone should consider while planning to launch their music into the world. The day will also conclude with a chance to network with fellow participants and instructors. 

The digital era has made it incredibly easy to record and release music. With proper planning and better organization, you stand a better chance of achieving success.

“The academy was a proper success indeed! I learnt so much!!! WOW!!!” Cherry Grove (Artist/Producer) – South Africa

“That was awesome, thank you so much! The Digital Academy was great!!” Vaughn Newton, Ballistic Soundwave (Producer) – USA

The Digital Launch Academy is designed to help.

The 4 session topics are to be announced. The day course will cover things such as:

  • Pre-release: be ready to get paid AND played: “pre-release hygiene” & metadata
  • Digital best practices: file formats, digital and audio security
  • Release planning: how to create timelines and schedule marketing
  • Monetising music: “If you miss it, you miss it. So don’t miss it!”
  • Plus: networking, and Q&A session with attendees and instructors

Team members from Byta and CD Baby, holding decades of music industry experience, will deliver best practices and offer tips and tricks as they go. Real-world examples will be used to put everything into perspective, helping you to make better choices going forward. Knowledge is power.

“Every now and then there is a pivotal moment in the music industry. Something new, forward thinking, fresh! CD Baby and Byta might be onto something!! Keep up the good work!!” Vaughn (Artist / Musician)

Digital Launch Academy 2 - Byta & CD Baby