Join Our Artist Account Beta

Join Our Artist Account Beta

Since launching in July, I always seem to be reminding people, we are not a “promo service” or “only for label people” or, or, or….

We want you all to know Byta is one service built for everyone working in music, so today we’re announcing our Artist Account beta.

Somehow we’ve been trained to accept audio sharing as a chaotic mix of services and tools, loosely chosen by job, format and security requirements. In fact we are all connected, sharing the same basic need – to send & receive digital audio in clean and simple way, no matter what role we play.

We feel artists and everyone working alongside them – producers, engineers, managers, and A&Rs have been neglected. Stuck with free tools which weren’t designed for their needs, or forced to consider over-priced services with features they’d never use.

Yeah Yeah, Got It. How Do I Join The Beta?!

All you need to do is sign up for the Free Account then email us to request an upgrade to the Artist beta. Assuming you fit the profile “creators and those working alongside them” we’ll upgrade you right away.

The Artist Account is a lighter weight version of our Freelancer Account, so no contacts tagging, Forward (FWD), watermarking or Mailchimp Integration which most won’t need day to day anyway. Compare Accounts in more detail on our Features page.

Doing studio based work? We’re REALLY interested in hearing from you, especially your experience working with WAVEs and BWFs.

Read more about Byta’s Unique Approach to File Formats & Metadata.
Keep in touch and tell us what you think. Is there a feature you need we’re missing? Think we can reduce your number of clicks somewhere? Let us know

We are excited about taking this next step towards Byta truly being one service built for everyone working in music today.

Marc Brown