Teams Preview – Forward (FWD)

Teams Preview – Forward (FWD)

So far we’ve focused on how Byta is improving the exchange of digital audio for individual users, PRs and Artists to name a few. Even our unique approach to pricing is user focused.

As we move towards launching our Team Accounts we’re shifting the discussion to how Byta improves collaboration for groups of individual users.

The status quo of audio sharing for organisations is archaic and unimaginative. Keeping audio “secure” usually involves anyone and everyone logging in to share from one central account or handing over contact lists for audio to be shared on their behalf. Both ridiculous and infuriating at the same time.

Who really wants to work like that? Time for change.

Byta’s Team Accounts link individuals together with shared storage. Users still send and receive from their own personal account yet have access to audio others on their team have uploaded.
So where does that leave those who collaborate and share audio from many different partners or teams?

Byta’s Forward (FWD) feature is the solution to your problems

Forward (FWD) enables Team Account users to forward audio to another user’s media while setting sharing restrictions in the process. That user will then be able to share the audio to their contacts, subject to the preset sharing restrictions, just as if they had uploaded the audio themselves.

The result is cleaner collaboration for all. Labels and other organisations can better control access to audio while partners such as PRs can keep autonomy over their own contacts and workflow.

Forward (FWD) is in beta. Get in touch to test. Team Accounts launching in the coming months.