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How Artists Can Learn From Influencers Like Alix Earle

How Artists Can Learn From Influencers Like Alix Earle

Who are you? Where do you work?

My name is Blair, and I am the Founder and CEO of Chaos Creators Entertainment! 

Chaos Creators is a Nashville-based boutique entertainment marketing agency dedicated to out-of-the-box social media marketing, fan engagement, and short form content creation. We are digital storytellers who develop cohesive brands and engaged fanbases for artists and creators. From on-site TikTok filming and editing, to rollout campaigns and content calendars, Chaos Creators uses our extensive knowledge of Gen Z and TikTok culture to merge creativity and strategy.

What are you currently listening to? 

Currently, if I’m not blasting Whitney Houston songs, I’ve had Alexandra Kay’s new album “All I’ve Ever Known” on repeat!

Give us a small insight into your daily routine? 

As a social media manager and entrepreneur, my daily routine typically involves client brainstorming sessions, going to the studio, music video shoots, and concerts to capture behind-the-scenes social media content, tracking growth and campaign performance, and researching new trends and platform updates.

Over to you, Blair…

How Artists Can Learn From Influencers Like Alix Earle

In the digital realm, the power wielded by influencers is both significant and impactful. These individuals possess the ability to cultivate engaged and dedicated fanbases, resulting in billions of dollars in brand deals. Alix Earle, one of the internet’s favorite stars, serves as a prime example of an influencer from whom artists can analyze and learn to elevate their brand, refine marketing strategies, and optimize their single and album rollouts.

Crafting a Memorable Brand

Alix Earle’s authenticity, openness, and consistent ‘Get Ready With Me (GRWM)’ videos have been pivotal in establishing her relatable brand. This powerful branding has led to a partnership with Benefit Cosmetics featuring some of her favorite GRWM products.

For artists, authenticity is equally important. Sharing personal stories, struggles, and behind-the-scenes glimpses can humanize an artist, fostering a genuine connection with fans. It’s crucial to carve out a unique identity and maintain consistency in messaging and style across platforms. By shaping a relatable and consistent narrative, artists can resonate with their audience and create a recognizable brand.

Creating Platform-Specific Content

Tailoring content to suit each platform’s nuances is vital. What works on TikTok might not necessarily resonate on Instagram or YouTube. Artists need to understand the unique strengths of each platform and create content optimized for each audience. This customization ensures that the content is well-received and optimized for maximum impact on the respective platform. 

For example, Alix Earle primarily posts photo dumps on Instagram and shares podcast videos on YouTube. On TikTok, she shares GRWM videos, trending sounds, and day-in-the-life recaps. Identify what works best for you and lean into those strengths, rather than following trends blindly.

Creating Scroll-Stopping Content

Alix Earle found her niche by listening to her audience. For artists, it’s imperative to experiment but also pay attention to audience responses (aka THE COMMENT SECTION!!!). Understanding what resonates and tailoring content to meet audience preferences is key. Captivating visuals, engaging storytelling, and high-quality content are essential for standing out in a crowded digital space. In today’s saturated media environment, the ability to produce content that captivates attention within seconds is crucial.

To enhance your content, try using ring lights, such as Alix Earle’s favorite Newmowa Clip-On Ring Light that went viral on TikTok! This can be one of the easiest ways to create scroll-stopping content.

Building Community

Alix Earle’s success can also be attributed to her ability to build a community. Artists can cultivate fan communities by actively engaging with followers, encouraging discussions, and fostering a sense of belonging. Interacting with fans on social media, holding virtual and IRL meetups, or providing behind-the-scenes sneak peeks can significantly contribute to community building. Creating an inclusive environment where fans feel valued and connected can foster loyalty and long-term engagement.

Authenticity Sells

Earle’s “real” approach resonates with audiences. Similarly, artists can build trust by being honest and open about their journey. Authenticity builds a strong connection and resonates with audiences seeking genuine connections. By being transparent about both successes and struggles, artists can establish a more profound and lasting connection with their audience.

Setting Boundaries with Fans and Followers

Setting boundaries is crucial. Alix Earle is extremely open with her fans, but until now, has not addressed the drama that surrounds her family’s past. Now that Earle is more comfortable with her audience, she has decided to explore her past familial struggles in her new podcast, “Hot Mess with Alix Earle,” which is part of Alex Cooper’s new “Unwell” podcast network (home to Call Her Daddy).

For artists, while engaging with fans is vital, it’s equally important to maintain personal space and privacy. Establishing clear guidelines and respectfully asserting limits can maintain a healthy artist-fan relationship. This ensures a balance between accessibility and personal space, fostering a healthy and respectful interaction with fans.

Selling Without Being Too Salesy

Marketing without appearing overtly salesy is an art. Earle recently partnered with PJ Place, and to promote the pajama set, she filmed an “Un-Get Ready With Me (UGRWM)” video that is consistent with the content she typically posts on TikTok, creating an authentic branding alignment.

Artists can learn to subtly integrate promotions within engaging content. Whether it’s showcasing merchandise or subtly endorsing a product, the key is to make it feel organic and aligned with the artist’s brand. Building trust with the audience is crucial to avoid coming across as too promotional.

In conclusion, by adopting these strategies and staying true to their unique voice, artists can harness the power of social media to build engaged fanbases, refine their marketing strategies, and optimize their album rollouts, much like the influencer extraordinaire Alix Earle. In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the ability to create engaging, authentic, and platform-specific content while fostering a supportive community is the key to standing out and establishing a lasting impact.

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Thanks for being part of Byta‘s Digital Dialogue series, Blair!