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Ethical AI in Music Production

Ethical AI in Music Production

Byta & MatchTune Present:

Ethical AI in Music Production: a free workshop for music creators, their teams and all creatives!

Featuring: Virginie Berger, Thomas Guillaud, Ben Porter, Moderated by Marc Brown

Join Us for a Webinar on the Ethical Use of AI in Music Creation

Are you ready to dive into the future of music creation? Join us on July 3rd, 2024, at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST for an eye-opening webinar hosted in collaboration with MatchTune, where we explore the profound impact of artificial intelligence on the music industry.

Get ready for a groundbreaking discussion; a transformative exploration into the ethical use of AI in music creation!

In a world where AI can compose, produce, and even perform music, we stand at a pivotal crossroads. The questions we face are monumental: How do we maintain transparency in AI’s role in music? What are the intellectual property challenges with AI-generated tunes? And crucially, how do we ensure that artists are fairly compensated?

Join us as we dive deep into these pressing issues. Together, we’ll draft a new blueprint for AI in music – establishing robust principles that uphold responsible innovation while cherishing the indispensable human essence of artistry. Our mission? To make sure AI amplifies creativity, reinforcing rather than replacing the artist’s irreplaceable spark.

This is your invitation to help sculpt the future soundscape of the music industry. Don’t miss this chance to engage with top industry mavens and visionary thinkers. Let’s shape a future where technology harmonizes with human creativity!

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Our Guest Speakers:

Virginie Berger:

The Chief Business Development and Rights Officer at MatchTune. Virginie is a seasoned international executive with over 20 years of experience in the music and tech industries, adept at navigating the ever-evolving intersection of music and technology. Recognized for expertise in entertainment marketing, driving global expansion strategies, forging crucial partnerships with industry leaders, spearheading business development initiatives, pioneering rights innovation, and leading digital transformations. Passionate about fostering collaboration and innovation among music organizations, artists, and startups.

Thomas Guillaud 

Marketing Director @ MatchTune | Former Universal Music Group. Thomas has a diverse range of work experience in the music industry. Thomas started their career as a Concert Production Intern at Live Nation Entertainment, where they assisted in coordinating various concerts and a major music festival. Following internship roles at Live Nation & Bandsintown, Thomas joined Universal Music Group in 2018 and ascended to the role of Audience Growth Manager. During five years with the company, he spearheaded digital strategy & audience growth campaigns for iconic artists such as The Beatles, Bob Marley and Elton John.

Thomas joined MatchTune in early 2023 as Marketing Director. During this time, his leadership of the business’ entire marketing arm has helped amplify & widen its influence in the music industry.

Ben Porter

After graduating from the University of Leeds with first-class honors in a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in English Language and Linguistics, Ben joined MatchTune in May 2022 as a Digital Marketing Intern and later transitioned to the position of Digital Marketing Associate in November 2022. During nearly two years with the company, Ben’s multifaceted contributions have included spearheading social strategy, creating brand content, and coordinating marketing copy.

Marc Brown

Marc is the founder of Byta / byta.com. Run as a distributed team across three continents. His extensive music business background and considerable digital audio knowledge have helped him deliver unique insights to audiences from Tallinn to Toronto. Marc got his start at murderecords, Canada’s premier artist-owned label, during the mid-90s. After working in A&R at the legendary London indie, Creation Records, and Alan McGee’s Poptones, Marc started his own boutique UK radio promotion company off the back of his success with The Hives. For over ten years, Marc worked with an impressive list of indie rock luminaries.

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About MatchTune

Empowering Creativity Through AI Innovation:

Founded in 2017 by renowned jazz musician André Manoukian and serial entrepreneur Philippe Guillaud, MatchTune is a pioneering music technology company headquartered in Paris & Los Angeles. With a diverse product suite of revolutionary software tools, MatchTune’s mission is twofold: leveraging AI algorithms to safeguard music against copyright infringement, while simultaneously helping brands maintain compliance when licensing music for their video content. For further details, visit https://www.matchtune.com/.

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