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Byta Features: A Monthly Webinar Series

Byta Features: A Monthly Webinar Series

Byta is launching a tutorial webinar series for all users on Free, Solo, Creator, Freelancer or Teams plans.

The first Webinar takes place on Wednesday 24th May at 4pm BST. Sign up free here.

Byta’s mission has always been to provide artists and their teams with the tools and knowledge needed to move their careers forward. The Byta platform remains the best tool to simply and securely share your audio files. Learning how to use Byta as effectively as possible in this new, exclusive user webinar series.

Sharing audio properly moves a career forward on numerous fronts, from early-on collaborations to sending your mastered final mix to radio.  A key goal remains being as efficient as possible and keeping everything secure.

In this new monthly series, join Byta founder Marc Brown as he demos and conducts a walk-through of key features. He will also be suggesting best practices when sharing your audio files while using the Byta platform. Each session will focus on two Byta features, including an explanation and a demo. Webinars will also include Byta updates: new features or future plans. Each session will conclude with Marc opening the floor for questions where you can ask about anything to do with audio file sharing, what the Byta platform has to offer and what makes it unique.  

Join us & learn more Byta.

Register free for the webinars here.