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Byta Presents: #HowWeListen Live: Jason Grishkoff (SubmitHub)

Byta Presents: #HowWeListen Live: Jason Grishkoff (SubmitHub)

Byta / byta.com Presents:

#HowWeListen Live: In Conversation with Jason Grishoff – Founder of SubmitHub 

DIY Music Promotion: Connecting Artists, Creators, Curators & Influencers

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Tuesday, January 31st – 12PM EST / 5pm GMTBST / 7pm SAST

(Live online via Zoom)

One of the key stages of getting your music heard and promoted outside of your own network is accessing the world’s music curators, but who are they? How can artists and creators access these curators and influencers themselves? This is what SubmitHub is an expert in. Our next guest is SubmitHub founder, Jason Grishoff. With just a hop, skip and a jump, Jason moved from the world of high finance to working at tech giant Google. Then a side hustle and hobby – the Indie Shuffle Blog (it’s music discovery powered by real people.), led to him founding SubmitHub. The goal was to efficiently and transparently connect artists with curators, the “right” people, in order to get music heard more efficiently.

SubmitHub was built with musicians and curators in mind. You upload your music, then use pay-for credits to submit it to trusted and user-scored curators (there is a free song-submission feature as well). They listen and then respond directly from within the SubmitHub platform.

What is the future of music promotion for artists and creators? Platforms such as SubmitHub level the playing field for artists who may not have the higher budgets to hire PR teams. But does it deliver the same results? How will this evolve with the future of consumption-focused media such as TikTok and the rise of influencers?

#HowWeListen Live: In Conversation is a monthly online event that will be presented in two parts:

  1. A workshop: Tips & insights for tomorrow’s artists & music industry leaders with Byta founder Marc Brown.
  2. An in-depth conversation with Jason Grishoff about music discovery, and how best to promote your music to move a creator’s career forward. 

About the Event

This series is designed to deliver the knowledge to enable tomorrow’s artists and industry leaders to better manoeuvre their way through the music ecosystem. Providing fun and insightful Q&A along the way!

#HowWeListen Live: In Conversation is hosted by Byta’s founder, Marc Brown, whose deep music business background and digital audio knowledge have helped him deliver unique insights to audiences from Tallinn to Toronto. Marc is a former label owner, A&R, manager and radio plugger.

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Key takeaways:

  • How to access curators suited to your genre
  • Does DIY level the playing field?
  • What are the best platforms/people to hit up first?
  • How can you speed up music access?
  • How has streaming and playlisting changed music’s DNA?
  • What innovations will most affect music in 2023? 
  • Do platforms such as SubmitHub open up music discovery to countries outside of the domestic artist? 
  • Do blogs, publications and online media still matter? What is their impact on a local, national and international level?

Event Format

#HowWeListen Live (part 1):

The workshop will introduce industry insights that Marc has picked up from his work in A&R departments, running his own radio promotion company, plus years of experience managing artists and significant large-scale projects. Some of the topics he will touch on include artists’ teams, timelines and connecting the web of the music industry. Plus, most importantly, tips on what you can do yourself to better increase the chances of your success. 

#HowWeListen In Conversation (part 2): 

Each event features an in-depth one-to-one conversation. This time around we have Jason Grishkoff founder of SubmitHub.  This conversation will explore how indie artists trying to break into the music ecosystem can best be heard & discovered. This is a topic very close to the heart of Byta’s Marc Brown.

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About Byta

Byta (“Bee-tah”: the Swedish word for exchange) is unrivalled in taking advantage of the unique properties found in audio files. By simplifying the reading and writing of file metadata, conversion of file formats and delivery of fast yet secure streaming, the platform enables everyone to send and receive digital audio in a clean, simple and secure way. Byta has also launched #HowWeListen, a not-for-profit organisation that complements the company’s ultimate goal: providing artists and their teams with the tools and knowledge needed to move their careers forward.

More about Jason Grishkoff 

Born in South Africa, Jason completed his secondary education in the USA and landed a job at Google. He quit the company in 2013 to take his music blog Indie Shuffle full-time. After a few ups and downs, his journey led him to start SubmitHub, a website that connects musicians with curators and influencers. Today it is the market leader in its niche, creating tens of thousands of connections on a daily basis.

About Marc Brown

Marc is the founder of Byta / byta.com. Run as a distributed team across three continents, Byta enables sending and receiving of digital audio in a clean, simple and secure way. Built for everyone working with music today.

His extensive music business background and considerable digital audio knowledge have helped him deliver unique insights to audiences from Tallinn to Toronto.

Marc got his start at murderecords, Canada’s premier artist-owned label, during the mid-90s. After working in A&R at the legendary London indie, Creation Records, and then at Alan McGee’s Poptones, Marc started his own boutique UK radio promotion company off the back of his success with The Hives. For over ten years, Marc worked with an impressive list of indie rock luminaries, including Wilco, Bloc Party, Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes, Spoon, and Refused as well as legends such as Tom Waits, Yoko Ono, Booker T and Mavis Staples.

Marc currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

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