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September 15, 2015 Byta Announcements
Artist Account


Since launching in July, I always seem to be reminding people we’re not a “promo service” or “only for label people” or, or, or….

We want you all to know Byta is one service built for everyone working in music, so today we’re announcing our Artist Account beta.

Somehow we’ve been trained to accept audio sharing as a chaotic mix of services and tools, loosely chosen by job, format and security requirements. In fact we are all connected, sharing the same basic need – to send & receive digital audio in clean and simple way, no matter what role we play.

We feel artists and everyone working alongside them – producers, engineers, managers, and A&Rs have been neglected. Stuck with free tools which weren’t designed for their needs, or forced to consider over-priced services with features they’d never use.

Yeah Yeah, Got It. How Do I Join The Beta?!

All you need to do is sign up for the Free Account then email us to request an upgrade to the Artist beta. Assuming you fit the profile “creators and those working alongside them” we’ll upgrade you right away.

The Artist Account is a lighter weight version of our Freelancer Account, so no contacts tagging, Forward (FWD), watermarking or Mailchimp Integration which most won’t need day to day anyway. Compare Accounts in more detail on our Features page.

Doing studio based work? We’re REALLY interested in hearing from you, especially your experience working with WAVEs and BWFs.

Read more about Byta’s Unique Approach to File Formats & Metadata.

Keep in touch and tell us what you think. Is there a feature you need we’re missing? Think we can reduce your number of clicks somewhere? Let us know

We are excited about taking this next step towards Byta truly being one service built for everyone working in music today.

Marc Brown

Announcing Byta’s Mailchimp Integration

September 2, 2015 Byta Announcements, Features
Mailchimp Integration


When we talk to Byta’s different user groups, themes start to develop.

For example, PRs all over the world express the same frustration. They feel it’s impossible to get music and information out to their contacts in a simple, efficient and consistent way, for each and every campaign.

Generally, this is because they need to jump between multiple services to share music, depending on the level of security each label (or release) is working with. Worse still, some are forced to submit their contact lists to labels for direct delivery to media. We are specifically addressing this issue with our Forward (FWD) feature.

Still, it’s easy to forget all this chaos impacts recipients most.

Those in the media receive so much music from so many different sources, clicking through to multiple services is confusing, if not infuriating. So much so we’ve been told over and over it has a direct impact on recipients’ listening habits.

We are committed to helping PRs win back control over how they work while giving recipients the same control over how they receive. Now it’s time to take that further.

Mailchimp For Mailouts / Byta For Music

Now with Byta’s Mailchimp Integration senders only need Mailchimp for mailing lists and Byta for audio.

The benefits are clear:

  • one contact list to manage
  • uniformity of design across all mailouts
  • share audio in any format and with any security settings

The result is a consistently clean & simple user experience for recipients.

Best part is the integration takes seconds to set up. Adding audio to your mailout is as simple as pasting a little code, as you would a Soundcloud embed or social links.

Read more on Mailchimp’s Byta Integration page or Byta – Mailchimp.

For full instructions read our Mailchimp Integration article in Byta’s Knowledge Base.

Already a user? Log in and add your Mailchimp API Key on your settings page to get started.

Account Detect – Smarter, More Secure Audio Sharing

August 17, 2015 Byta Features
Detect Account


Until now we’ve been forced to use different tools and services to share digital audio based on each different need. WeTransfer & Dropbox for quick file sharing to collaborators, Soundcloud for streams or watermarked promotion and other secure media services for higher security.

Byta offers Senders the flexibility to decide the level of security on a per share basis, eliminating the need for multiple tools and services.

For most, sharing security isn’t a priority. You know and trust the recipient and/or you have zero concerns about your audio ending up with anyone else. Those users don’t need to think about watermarking, limiting the number of downloads or setting expiry.

Secure audio sharing isn’t solely about watermarking. Being practical about how you share is equally important, no matter who the recipient is. Combining Byta’s flexible Share settings with the ability to detect if a Recipient has an Account offers a new and unique range of security options.

Sharing your audio as streaming only, be it watermarked or not, is still the most effective way of ensuring files don’t end up with someone else by mistake. Additionally, setting expiry ensures Senders don’t need to continue monitoring stream counts for suspicious behaviour.

Byta’s Alternative To Forced Sign Up

There’s no question a stream behind a login offers the highest level of security possible when sharing audio online. Meanwhile, everyone knows demanding Recipients sign up en masse is the best way to discourage anyone from listening.

So where’s the middle ground? Now whenever you add Recipients to your share users with a Byta Account will show as blue (image above). This way you know you are sharing your audio as securely as possible.

Someone not a user? Ask them to sign up, then check before sharing. Who could refuse a personal request? You are merely being conscientious when letting certain people listen before anyone else… and they are one of those first few!

Launched! Announcing Byta’s Referral Program

July 14, 2015 Byta Announcements
Byta's Referral Program


Word of mouth, the personal recommendation, has always held an outweighed role in music. We’ve all learnt about new artists, records, labels, met new people and found new jobs via our friends and Byta should be no different.

People talk, and the talk about Byta has been good great though of course everyone should try something new for themselves.

Byta’s referral program is our way of giving each and every person the chance to fully experience Byta, one service built for everyone working in music today.

OK, so how does it work?!

Everyone with a Freelancer Account has their own unique referral code, accessible from the ‘REFER A FRIEND’ button under Contacts.

Anyone signing up or upgrading using a referral code will receive their first month free. The referrer will also receive one month’s discount of 50% for every person who signs up with their code (max 6 months).

Need a code? Tweet us and we’ll sort you out.


Announcing Our Clear And Simple Pricing

June 10, 2015 Byta Announcements
Clearer Pricing


We are very happy to have finally announced our pricing.

As we’re stepping out with our own approach I wanted to personally take this opportunity to give everyone insight into our thinking.

Settling on a pricing structure (and price!) is notoriously difficult though we were clear in knowing what we didn’t want to do.

Byta is a service built for everyone working in music today. In order to be that service we are opposed to the following for obvious reasons:

  • opaque or unpublished pricing
  • signup fees / no self signup
  • forced group pricing (single user pays same price as X users)
  • bandwidth caps
  • watermarking as a required feature

In addition, our free tier is integral to Byta.

For some users it’s the key to an improved receiving experience. Others will also use Byta for quickly sharing their audio when Byta’s additional features aren’t yet required. We welcome all free users, no matter how they choose to use our service.

Lastly, much has been made of the new VAT MOSS legistation introduced earlier this year. Read a good overview from Digital Arts. VAT MOSS is frustrating for anyone dealing directly with UK & European customers online, but as of January 01, 2015 it’s the law.

VAT MOSS can be messy to say the least so we’d like to thank Will Bond for his VAT MOSS Implementation Approach which formed the basis of our solution.

Want to talk pricing or anything else? Get in touch.

Marc Brown

1 Month ‘Till Launch

May 27, 2015 Byta Announcements
Byta 1 Month til Launch


Finally, 1 month until we launch.

Thanks to everyone who’s been using Byta during our beta and preview release.

To show our gratitude, anyone testing our Freelancer account up to launch will get their first month on us, gratis.

This also means you’ve got one month to tell your friends to Sign Up and do the same!

Last but not least, thanks go out for the first wave of music press around our preview release.


Music Week

Great overview of our Free Account by Dotted Music

More to come!




Update – Free Account & Beta Now Open To All

February 16, 2015 Byta Announcements

Heads up, the Byta beta is now open to all, no code required.

Sign Up takes less than 30 seconds and with your free account you’ll be privately sending & receiving audio in less than a minute.

Check our feature list and see just how flexible Byta is compared to your current solution.

To test our paid account (advanced sending features, optional one-click watermarking) click upgrade in app or contact us after registering and we’ll upgrade you.

Learn more about Byta’s unique approach to file formats and metadata here

Thanks for all the great feedback so far, keep it coming!


WAV Goodbye? Byta’s Solution To Our Metadata Problem

December 20, 2014 Byta #Byta101


This post was originally going to be a “meditation on metadata” until we remembered users don’t want explanations, they want things to ‘just work’.

When Byta users upload audio, the artist, track, album and artwork information is pulled directly from their files. From then on our users can be certain the information displayed on screen is the same as embedded in their files.

WAV Goodbye?
Byta supports reading & writing of metadata for the following file formats:

  • ALAC, AIFF, FLAC & WAV aka ‘lossless’
  • MP3 & AAC aka ‘lossy’

Following the same principle, to ‘just work’, we suggest all but our most advanced users will benefit avoiding WAV uploads for the following reasons:

  • WAV files can not hold artwork
  • iTunes doesn’t read or write WAV metadata, instead saving any changes locally, thus causing confusion about which information is actually embedded in a user’s files

Byta supports WAV as a download format (with embedded metadata), ensuring compliance with broadcast submission standards including the BBC’s own guidelines.

Working with lossless audio?
We suggest FLAC or ALAC (Apple Lossless). Both format’s metadata is easily editable, holds artwork and offer much smaller file sizes, all without sacrificing audio quality.

How do you send & receive audio using multiple file formats? Should we be supporting additional file types? Get in touch and let us know.


Byta, The Beta

September 8, 2014 Byta Announcements


Work in music?

Send & receive loads of digital audio?

Then Byta is for you.

We’ve (quietly) launched our beta and are looking for people just like you to test our service.

Email or tweet us @bytafm and help trial Byta before launch.

Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


(Marc @viznomics, Pete & Jen @jenpomphrey)