Cultivating Mental Wellness While Building a Sustainable Music Career

Looking at how to build a more sustainable music career while remaining mentally fit.

Emily White
Co-Founder of Collective Entertainment, an Amazon #1 best-selling author and podcaster

Navigating the Metaverse: The Convergence of Music & Gaming

Looking at the convergence of games, gaming and music.

Roman Rappek
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer – Ristband / ristband.co

Preparing for Online Success as an Artist: DSPs & Social Media

Capturing attention is something anyone can do on the internet. Keeping someone’s attention once you’ve caught it? That is the hard part. What is the answer to how to capture and then hold attention?

Brian "Z" Zisook
Co-Founder & SVP Operations, Audiomack

#HowWeListen Live: 2023

From new music radio and artist discovery, digital and playlisting strategy, to learning from the Latin American independent music scene

Year in Review!
Year in Review!

Putting Artists First: Music Publishing for Independent Creators

An in-depth conversation with Simon Pursehouse about publishing and sync strategies and 'must-knows' for independent artists and music creators of today.

Simon Pursehouse
Global Director of Music Services at Sentric Music

Supporting Independents and Championing Diversity in Music

Covering diversity, music promotion & distribution. Plus insights into independent record labels and the best approach for artists and their teams when wanting to break into a new market.

Lara Baker
General Manager (UK & IE), FUGA

Arts Curation: Championing Independent Music for Over 2 Decades

An in-depth conversation about music discovery, the evolution of festival curation and artist management.

Daniel Seligman
Creative Director & Co-founder of POP Montreal Music Festival

Helping Creators to Promote Their Music & Manage Careers

How best to have streaming services serve you, plus some talk about heavier music making.

Andee Connors
Senior Manager: Creator & Catalog Services (Pandora / Sirius XM)

Breaking the Mold: Record Label & Sync A&R!

An interview with May Mahmoudi from Big Dada Recordings and Ninja Tune about her journey in the music industry and advice for new artists.

May Mahmoudi
Big Dada Recordings (Ninja Tune)

Signing, Releasing & Developing Music from Africa to the World

Finding, Developing and Launching New Music From Africa to Africa & The World

Obinna Agwu
A&R Executive at Horus Music, Nigeria

Streaming: Tools for Musicians to Succeed

Mike will discuss how he made his way into his position at Believe and how music streaming became his big focus. Also, some tips and tricks on customizing your artist profiles on DSPs; building a playlist and growing followers.

Mike Warner
Author / Founder - Work Hard Playlist Hard

DIY Music Promotion: Connecting Artists, Creators, Curators & Influencers

One of the key stages of getting your music heard and promoted outside of your own network is accessing the world’s music curators, but who are they? How can artists and creators access these curators and influencers themselves?

Jason Grishkoff
Founder of SubmitHub

What does the future of music discovery look like in 2023 and beyond!

This event was our year-end wrap up and look forward: THE FUTURE OF MUSIC DISCOVERY – 2023 & BEYOND! Our guests included Mira Silver (FORT Agency), Nikishe Bailey(Nvak Collective) & Phil Loutsis(AWAL) 

The Future of Music Discovery
2023 & Beyond

Fairness in Future: Compensation & Advocacy for Artists

Kevin Erickson
Director: Future of Music Coalition

Transforming Audio Culture: Elevating the Art of Music Discovery

Saidah talks about her experiences entering the music industry and what it means to curate Sonos Radio.

Saidah Blount
Senior Manager and the Executive Producer at Sonos Radio

Release Planning: Building Your Streaming Audience

Doing It Yourself: better-educating musicians so they have the confidence and skills required to take their careers to the next level.

Kevin Breuner
Senior VP of Artist Engagement & Education at CD Baby

Music Publishing & Sync: Where to Start?

What can new, emerging and DIY artists, and their teams, learn about publishing? When is the right time to look for or land a deal?

Miller Williams
Senior VP Creative, Kobalt Music Publishing

Understanding Africa’s Music Ecosystem

Chioma Onuchukwu
Head of TuneCore, West & East Africa

Hand in Hand: The Art of Booking Tours & Artist Management

In a pre-COVID world, touring was becoming key to monetising a music career. After putting everything on hold for 24 months, “live” has never been more important. What does the future hold?

Michelle Cable
Founder, Panache Booking & Management

Communities Are Key: Big Careers Start Local

Everyone has to start somewhere. Developing a loyal community out of your local music scene is key.

Sarah Hamilton
Regional Manager for Australia & New Zealand, Ditto Music

More Than 
Just Video: Maximise your 
Promo Power

Corbyn Asbury explains how he made his way to YouTube, the power of video for artists, and how it moved from video into streaming.

Corbyn Asbury
Label Relations Manager at YouTube

From Discovery To Stage: Programming Tomorrow’s Artists

Adam Ryan
Head of Music, The Great Escape Festival

Artist Development: What is a “Full Service” Music Company?

Gourmet Délice
Co-founder and managing director, Bonsound

Prepare for Takeoff: Release Planning & Building A Team

Release planning, securing editorial support, building a team & marketing your music.

Phil Loutsis
VP of Community, AWAL