2021: The Year of #HowWeListen Live: In Conversation

#HowWeListen Live: 2021

Year in Review

In April 2021, we launched a new monthly series: #HowWeListen Live: In Conversation. The last Tuesday of every month Byta’s founder Marc Brown sits down for an in-depth interview with someone working within the music ecosystem. Guests join Marc from around the globe. The series is free, online and designed to deliver the knowledge to enable tomorrow’s artists and industry leaders to better manoeuvre their way through the music ecosystem.

Each session covered a different topic, from new music radio and artist discovery, digital and playlisting strategy, to learning from the Latin American independent music scene and more!

Here is each #HowWeListen Live: In Conversation from 2021, enjoy.

Huw Stephens

Music Discovery & Building A Community

In this conversation, Huw reveals exactly how he discovers new music and artists. Providing tips along the way: how to make yourself heard, where to put your music, who to send it to, the dos and don’ts of radio promotion and much more!

You’ve got to be part of the community. If nobody’s coming to your gigs locally, why would you expect people to come to your gigs in other parts of the country? I think it has to start locally.

Jenny Kaufman

Streaming & Playlist Mythbusting for Artists

As the Head of Digital Strategy at Terrorbird Media, in this conversation, Jenny provides her expertise on streaming and does some myth-busting when it comes to how playlists actually work. Tips on how best to remain authentic and get a clear message out to as many people as possible.

While playlisting is great, and it’s a vehicle to reach more listeners, the goal is how do I convert them? How do I make them fans? How do I make them excited about what I’m doing? How do I make them into someone who buys a show ticket or buys merch?

Brendan Canning

Sustaining a Creative Career in Music

Brendan offers up a few grains of wisdom when it comes to success, staying grounded and keeping focused on what is actually important to remaining a creative person in the complicated business of music.

Don’t forget that I’ve dedicated my life to this. So I’m deep. I like any way that I can make it work, anyway, I can make a buck here or there. You just got to be so nimble and be willing to do whatever it takes.

Bruno Duque

Independently Minded, Globally Ambitious: Learning from Latin America’s Music Scene

Bruno chatted with Marc live from Brazil, and offered up numerous approaches on how best to manoeuvre one’s way through the music ecosystem. Bruno’s goal is to create opportunities for local artists with a unique approach, bridging independent music and the entertainment industry.

…if you break down an album into several singles, you can pitch every single, every 15 days or every month, so you have more chances to be playlisted.

Christine Osazuwa

Damn Good Numbers: Backing Up Your Music with Data & Insights

Christine was the Director of Data & Insights at Warner Music Group, where she used numbers for good and still believes that business can be an art and art can be a business. In this rapid-fire one on one chat, Christine answers so many questions regarding strategy and making a career in music, you may need a notepad…

… you don’t really need to be on all the platforms all the time posting continuously, be on the ones that matter, just ignore the rest. When it comes to the distribution of music that’s different. Your music should literally be everywhere.

Amber Horsburgh

Developing Your Branding & Marketing Strategy

Amber Horsburgh, a musical and digital strategist, is an expert in developing strategies for artists and music brands. In this conversation, Amber digs into what you can do for yourself, how to properly implement and develop an effective game plan, and what you should get help with when navigating the music ecosystem.

…music is the central point that you build the entire brand off. So if you don’t have the music, if you don’t have the tracks, then nothing else can happen. So touring, collaborations and brand partnerships, all of that comes off the actual tracks.

Junior Foster

Make Streams Come True: Using Streaming Platforms to Your Advantage

Junior Foster, is Deezer’s Head of Global Artist Relations, he works directly with artists, labels and managers. In this conversation, Junior pulls back the curtain and reveals some of the best ways to sustain a career in music and work with streaming platforms.

…sometimes I go and see an artist and instead of looking at the artist, the performance, I look left and right, I look at the crowd. Is the crowd loving it, interacting, singing along, I soak it all up, because it’s all meaningful. It’s emotion.

Phil Loutsis

Prepare for Take-Off: Release Planning & Building A Team

Phil Loutsis is AWAL’s VP of Community, he focuses his energies on helping indie artists build their careers. In this conversation, Phil gets into how to build, develop and sustain long-term music careers – how artists, creators and their teams can harness community.