Artist Development: What is a “Full Service” Music Company

Gourmet Délice

Co-founder and Managing director, Bonsound

Artist Development: What is a “Full Service” Music Company

Episode Notes

Our next guest is Bonsound Co-founder and Managing director Gourmet Délice.

Understanding and planning for multiple angles in an artist’s career can be challenging. Today, full “services” for artists can mean many things. Twenty years ago one record label looked around and realised they might have to do more than just release recordings if their artists were to see any success. Marc is joined on this episode by Bonsound Co-founder and Managing director Gourmet Délice. Bonsound is a music company offering multiple types of services to artists. Established in a very unique marketplace: Quebec, Canada.

Bonsound is an organisation that works at the service of its artists and does not own their intellectual property. The company offers a full range of professional and personalised services to contribute to the sustainable development of the careers of its artists.

They are a record label, music publisher, booking agency, concert producer, artist management and PR team. They also run two sub-labels: Make It Rain and Blow the Fuse records.

“(Bounsound) came out of a necessity for me and my other 2 business partners, and also the needs of musicians in Montreal. It has snowballed into a 30-employee company doing all of these services in the music industry. It created a kind of movement. We looked around and we saw that there were no services that understood the philosophy of the underground bands we were working with and also offered services at a reasonable price.”




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