Communities Are Key: Big Careers Start Local

Sarah Hamilton

Regional Manager for Australia & New Zealand at Ditto Music

Communities Are Key: Big Careers Start Local

Episode Notes

In the digital age do bands no longer have to break out of their small town, then leap to the big city to conquer their country in order to go international? What does community mean in the music streaming era? It is easier to get on an international playlist but is anyone listening? Marc speaks with  Sarah Hamilton, Regional Manager for Australia & New Zealand at Ditto Music. Marc and Sarah talk about the best steps that artists can take to self realize their goals, “Stay Independent”. Sometimes it can be hard to promote yourself, but no one else will. Sarah explains how she pitches Australian music to the world.  Sarah also talks about the charity she co-founded called One of One. A website that highlights women and non-binary people in the music industry. Sarah has been working in digital distribution in Australia since 2008, with a short stint in New York City. She loves working with independent artists and seeing them gain access to the same opportunities as artists signed to major labels. 

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“I do start by asking artists questions to gauge what they’d be like to work with and how well they know the market. It’s a bit of a red flag when I ask someone what kind of artists they like or might be similar to, and they say that they don’t listen to music or are just concentrating on themselves.” 






2:08 – Gig Life Pro

3:45 – Kulin Nations

4:51- Ditto Music in New Zealand and Australia 

5:20 – One of One

5:58 – Queensland

7:44 – Netflix

10:37 – DittoDistroKidCD BabyDitto Plus

14:06 – Joanna CameronThe Power 50One of One events

16:52 – Huw Stephens

25:23 – Canadian bands

35:37 – AViVAMy Chemical Romance

36:30 – YouTubeMr Suicide Sheep

37:00 – AViVA Book

40:16 – QsicSoundtrack Your Brand

41:52 – Junior FosterNapster

44:59 – Timeline

45:59 – Ditto Philippines

47:50 – Filipino R&B

48:00 – MUNGMUNG

49:34 – Solomon Islands/Papua New GuineaRecord label

50:00 – Afrobeat in Australia

50:49 – Ghana

51:49 – Wallace

57:00 – Byta.com

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