Cultivating Mental Wellness While Building a Sustainable Music Career

Emily White

Best-selling author and award-winning podcaster

Cultivating Mental Wellness While Building a Sustainable Music Career

Episode Notes

“When you create the conditions to be able to cultivate the work that you want, then that’s what’s going to allow you to thrive.”

Today’s guest on #HowWeListen Live: In Conversation, in Emily White. Host Marc Brown sits down with Emily White to discuss her inspiring journey from Wisconsin to New York, and how her educational and professional experiences have shaped her successful career in the music industry. Originally from Wisconsin, Emily recounts her time at Northeastern University in Boston, where she balanced her studies in the Music Industry program with being a Division I scholarship athlete. She shares how her internships at Powderfinger Promotions, Live Nation, and ones in New York, provided her with practical, hands-on experience and helped her build a strong network within the industry.

Emily highlights the importance of real-world experience, encouraging aspiring music professionals to immerse themselves in the field, make connections, and learn from their experiences. She also delves into her transition from internships to a full-time role as a tour manager for The Dresden Dolls, which ultimately led to her founding a successful music management company.

Throughout the conversation, Emily emphasizes the significance of continuous learning and adaptation in the ever-evolving music industry. She discusses her work as an author, where she distilled her extensive knowledge into the Amazon bestseller “How to Build a Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams,” and her podcast, which is a top music business podcast globally.

Emily also touches on her advocacy work, particularly her efforts to increase voter turnout through the #IVoted initiative, showcasing her commitment to using her platform for social good. This episode is packed with valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to navigate and succeed in the music industry.

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Show Notes:

#HowWeListen Live: In Conversation

Collective Entertainment

How to Build a Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams


00:10 – Byta.com

02:51 – Wisconsin to New York

06:00 – Internships / Amanda Palmer / Dresden Dolls

14:02 – The 2nd Book

How to Build a Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams

16:35 – Get your art together & other tips to get started

21:00 – Understand what music publishing is & Performing Rights Organizations

23:17 – Publishing administrator 

30:30 – my next series of books….

31:50 – Byta.com

33:25 – Full night’s sleep, daily movement, and then a short meditation

36:23 – #IVoted

38:28 – Taylor Vs Drake

40:00 – Elections are often decided by the size of a concert venue

46:31 – Voting, it’s been a real problem in the USA

49:10 – Michelle Cable

52:48 – Things don’t always go the way you expect it to, that can be good too

56:25 – What is your WHY

58:00 – Byta.com

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Hosted by Marc Brown

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Produced and edited by Colin MacKenzie

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