Developing Your Branding & Marketing Strategy

Amber Horsburgh

music and digital strategist

Developing Your Branding & Marketing Strategy

Episode Notes

What are the best steps when building a branding strategy? Our next guest is Amber Horsburgh, a music marketing consultant and digital strategist. Amber is expert in developing strategies for artists and music brands. She has worked as a marketing executive to majors, indies & brands including Interscope, Atlantic, Downtown Records, Spotify, SoundCloud & YouTube Music.

Amber runs a music strategy newsletter called Deep Cuts, which is read by 15,000 music industry professionals globally. This led to her recently founding The School of Deep Cuts. The course is the sum of every tool, case study, best practice and quick tip she has learned and implemented throughout her career in helping to break artists. Amber has worked in NYC, LA, Seoul & Melbourne. 

“I think releases are your gateway into the music industry, it’s what you build your brand off of. If you don’t have the music, nothing else can happen. We’re in a very singles focused market, and I always encourage artists to treat each of those singles as a mini-campaign and come up with a blueprint for every release, that’s repeatable. In doing so, every time you launch and relaunch you learn so much more that will make your promotion more effective.”




1:42 – Amber’s #HWL interview

5:43 – Deep CutsBlog

8:30 – SFX, EDM festivalOneLove

11:17 – School of Deep Cuts

17:58 – Byta.com

32:00 – Gatekeepersbrand building

36:47 – Hugh Stevens

38:30 – Jenny Kaufman

42:25 – Triple R Radio

46:00 – Release timelineToolbox

53:45 – North Star

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