Hand in Hand: The Art of Booking Tours & Artist Management

Michelle Cable

Founder of Panache Booking and Panache Management

Hand in Hand: The Art of Booking Tours & Artist Management

Episode Notes

This episode’s guest is Michelle Cable, founder of Panache Booking and Panache Management. Michelle Cable founded Panache in 1998. Live music is quickly returning as artists scramble to get back out on the road. In a pre-COVID world, touring was becoming key to monetising a music career. After putting everything on hold for 24 months, “live” has never been more important. What does the future hold? Panache has been in the touring industry for over two decades and has always adapted alongside the live music industry as it has evolved. Michelle has had an incredible journey from 14-year-old Fanzine founder & publisher in Eureka, California, to a key player in touring and management. Panache prides itself in its ability to stay independent, resolute, and specifically cater to each of their Artist’s individual needs while helping them have sustainable careers while still maintaining its indie ethos. As both a booking agency and a management company, Panache and Michelle have a unique perspective on helping to guide musicians’ careers, now more than ever. 

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“I’ve always evolved when I needed to and that has worked for me so far. As a manager, you are involved in every aspect of an artist’s career so it is an intimate relationship. With booking, it was more straightforward and short term but with management, it’s more of a longer-term process over many years.”






2:12 – Panache Booking

2:12 – Panache Artist Management

3:18 – Eureka, California

5:34 – Humboldt State University

5:40 – The White Stripes

7:17 – The Flaming Lips

7:20 – Scott Booker

7:35 – Raining Sound

7:45 – The Hives

10:10 – Panache Magazine #26

12:00 – Humbolt Country weed

12:10 – Twin Peaks

13:59 – Arcata

14:53 – Denny’s

15:00 – Bummer Fest

17:50 – Shellshag

22:04 – AEG and Live Nation

23:12 – Ty Segall

23:30 – Mac DeMarco

26:50 – Black Flag Tour Callendar

30:42 – Peaches

32:34 – ​​The 48 Laws of Power

36:51 – SheSaid.So

38:00 – Music Industry

41:00 – Jenny Kaufman

42:50 – Talent buyer

1:06:00 – Byta.com

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