Independently minded & globally ambitious: Learning from Latin America’s music scene

Independently minded & globally ambitious: Learning from Latin America’s music scene

Bruno Duque

Head of TuneCore Brazil & Latin America

Marc is joined in this episode by Bruno Duque, the Head of TuneCore Brazil & Latin America. Bruno brings to the conversation a great deal of global music ecosystem insights. Bruno talks about the development of Brazil as a cultural phenomenon, how digital played a part and about artists crossing over into the Spanish and English speaking worlds.

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Bruno Duque
Marc Brown
Jen Pomphrey
Jamie Ford
Colin MacKenzie

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Episode Notes

Bruno brings not only a love of music but a wealth of experience to his new role as Head of TuneCore Brazil, which is already expanding throughout Latin America. He has become an advocate for independent artists in Brazil and continues to work closely with artists while forging new relationships with key partners and growing brand awareness for TuneCore Brazil.

“…I started in music about fifteen years ago here in Brazil. Long story short, I moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and I had the opportunity to work at Sony Music in the Latin division. I stayed there for a couple of years before I returned to Brazil to work in different parts of the music industry.  I was invited to join Tunecore in 2020 to start strategic operations in Brazil. Then it extended it to all of Latin America which is an amazing opportunity to bring Tunecore to this part of the world. The first step for any local artist is to not think outside of your market. For a Brazilian musician to be successful, they need to be a successful artist in their country. This is one of the most important and difficult steps in their career, to develop their music and career inside of their own country.”




2:00 – Rio

2:30 – Stockholm

3:18 – SONY Latin Music

6:40 – TuneCore

10:00 – DSPs

16:11 – Brazilian Funk

19:33 – SertanejoReggaeton

21:35 – Anitta

28:10 – BieberMaluma

41:45 – Brazilian Telenovelas (Soap Operas)Chavez

51:52 – YouTube Music

53:00 – WhatApp

54:54 – North Eastern Music

56:00 – Cumbia

1:01 – IATEC, PUC, Byta.com

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