More Than Just Video: Maximise Your Promo Power

Corbyn Asbury

Label Relations Manager at YouTube

More Than Just Video: Maximise Your Promo Power

Episode Notes

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, but how do emerging artists best maximise their promo power there? How does one secure maximum discoverability?

Marc speaks with Corbyn Asbury, Label Relations Manager at YouTube, If you are not quite sure what YouTube has to offer to the music community, Corbyn has you covered.  He explains some of the tools that YouTube are continually working on in order to help musicians specifically. He also worked at Apple and Universal Music. Corbyn joined YouTube (owned by Google) at the start of 2018 to help with the launch of YouTube Music. Since then, he has worked on large-scale campaigns with superstar artists, including Little Mix, The 1975, Dua Lipa, and Mabel. Corbyn also led YouTube’s emerging artist program, Artist On The Rise, which is all about breaking new artists and amplifying music’s most exciting up-and-comers. Corbyn is your indie on the inside. Marc and Corbyn discuss tips and tricks when using YouTube to launch new music. Strategies and the best practices that can help bring more attention to both singles and full albums on the platform also get discussed.

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YouTube.com is pretty much all algorithmic, but YouTube music is a playlist system so it takes you out of the echo chamber that you might get into on youtube.com and give you more of a genre or theme-specific playlist experience. It’s primarily audio with a bit of video, but 80% of the consumption that happens is audio first and background listening.”





2:07 – Google

3:14 – Today At Apple Program

5:50 – Label Relations Manager

6:51 – Liverpool Sound City

7:00 – YouTube History

9:36 – YouTube’s Official Artist Channel.

10:00 – YouTube Premieres

12:48 – YouTube Music

15:33 – Gen Z

17:59 – YouTube 1st Video

22:58 – Youtube Shorts

27:27 – Foundry Fund

28:00 – MMF (Music Managers Forum)

30:15 – Metadata / Descriptions

30:26 – Edit the Metadata

31:44 – Youtube.com/trending

33:05 – Proper File Tags

35:10 – SEO (search engine optimisation)

36:43 – YouTube studio app

41:24 – Byta.com

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