Putting Artists First: Music Publishing for Independent Creators

Simon Pursehouse

Global Director of Music Services at Sentric Music

Putting Artists First: Music Publishing for Independent Creators

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“So it’s our job to get the best possible deal. So basically, there’s no database, how long is a piece of string? Just make sure you’re working with someone who knows the industry and who knows what music is worth?”

Today’s guest is Simon PursehouseGlobal Director of Music Services at Sentric Music, an “industry challenging” music publisher. Simon works within the Business Development and Creative Departments at Sentric and is the point person for their roster of signed songwriters.

Previously at Sentric, Simon headed up the sync division, which under his supervision was nominated as Best Indie Publisher at the Music Week Sync awards for six years running. Here he has developed relationships with global media organisations, broadcasters and advertising agencies which has resulted in Sentric’s catalogue being placed in adverts, films, games, TV shows worldwide.

Simon has been featured in Music Weeks’ ‘30 Under 30’ list and regularly speaks at various industry conferences worldwide such as Reeperbahn, The Great Escape, BBC Introducing Live and AIM’s Sync Day amongst many others. He has been invited to discuss Sentric on BBC 6Music on multiple occasions and has consulted on judging panels for awards/grants for BAFTA, PRS, BRITs, Music Week and more. He is a regular guest lecturer at LIPA and BIMM amongst other educational bodies.

Simon has been a core part of Sentric’s online identity; he is the author of Sentric’s Blog which offers advice to emerging artists and has received millions of hits

Sentric Music:

Sentric Music was formed in 2006 as the new age independent music publisher. Sentric disrupted traditional publishing by offering the fairest deal in the industry. We empower artists and songwriters to collect the royalties they’re owed.

Their friendly and knowledgeable team are dedicated to ensuring writers and artists get the most out of their music. They enjoy giving artists and songwriters opportunities to elevate their careers and fulfil their ambitions.

“To date we’ve put the power back in the hands of over 400,000 artists.”


Show Notes:

#HowWeListen Live: In Conversation

Sentric Music

Streaming Calculator

WTF is Music Publishing

00:10 – Byta.com

02:43 – The Beard

03:48 – Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts 

04:14 – History of Sentric’s start

08:04 – Sentric’s growth and development

11:00 – The basics of music publishing

12:42 – Your local Performing Rights Organization

14:00 – The Sentric method

16:00 – The pie chart / AKA how publishing works

19:00 – Simon’s trip to Australia

22:26 – Democratization of Publishing

24:30 – Collecting royalties and new synchs

26:51 – Performance VS Mechanical income

28:53 – Marc’s recap

30:33 – Byta.com

31:05 – Neighbouring rights explained

34:51 – What the fuck is music publishing

The Life Cycle of a music publishing copyright

37:00 – Sentric Vs TuneCore VS Song Trust

41:30 – Pitching Syncs

44:00 – Picking partners: Be careful (aka – wait and they will find you)

48:00 – Lawyers

52:38 – Sarah Hamilton (Ditto)

54:24 – Just be nice to everyone (if you are good, they will find you)

59:27 – Make sure your whole team know about all your wins, helps the pitch.

1:01:00 – More on sync

1:04:00 – The goal is to make your music, not just “sinkable music…”

1:08:00 – email tips, making contact

1:09:000 – Be nice

1:12:00 – Work with experienced people 

1:14:30 – Finding the “Best people”

1:15:00 – How much do you charge for Synchs

1:16:48 – Byta.com

Music by Fin Productions and Oliver Lyu

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