Byta for PRs

Described as “the service for listening to music before it’s on Spotify”, Byta enables anyone to send & receive digital audio in a clean and simple way

The features highlighted below make Byta especially useful for press and promotions people

optional watermarked sharing

3 Ways to Share

  • In App, Direct by importing contacts or pasting emails
  • Generic Links, Private Soundcloud style, sharable in email, Messenger, iMessage, etc
  • Mailchimp Integration, securely add audio to campaign
private soundcloud style generic links

Share Settings You Control

  • Seamlessly share any combination of single tracks & albums, with or without watermarking
  • Set number of downloads and expiry
  • Easily track who has listened and downloaded
import mailchimp contacts


  • Fast sharing, paste unlimited contacts and Byta will verify them before sending
  • Import contacts direct from Mailchimp or via CSV
  • Custom tagging for sending to larger groups
forward audio to other accounts


  • Have labels securely Forward audio to your account, instead of uploading yourself
  • Keep control of your contacts, no more need to send emails in CSV to clients
cheaper for pr and promotion

Byta is cheaper

  • Byta is the only service with per user pricing, meaning savings for most users
  • Watermarking optional, don’t need? don’t pay
  • Referral program, send 1Month Free Codes to friends and clients