Byta for
Press and Promotion

Byta is best described as “the platform for listening to music before it’s on Streaming Services”.

Byta enables everyone to send & receive digital audio in a clean and simple way.

Press officers, online and radio promotions people need a simple way to share artist’s music with the media, yet using Watermark Promotion Services sharing or File Transfer Services is a messy process.

The features highlighted below make Byta especially useful for press and promotions people working with release of all size and security requirements.

add and edit metadata including id3 tags and wav chunks
create and share private listening links with streams and downloads

Multiple Sharing Options

  • Share direct by pasting emails or importing contacts
  • Universal Links (think Private Soundcloud links) and Protected Links (think password protected Box or Dropbox links)
  • Mailchimp integration, Share tracks and albums in campaigns

Control Format
& Security

  • Share any combination of single tracks & albums
  • Chose download limits and set expiry
  • Recipient stream and download tracking
    & reporting
optional watermarked sharing
add and edit metadata including id3 tags and wav chunks

Advanced Contact Management

  • Paste unlimited contact emails, Byta verifies them before Sharing
  • Import contacts direct from Mailchimp or via CSV
  • Custom tag contacts, for sharing to mailing list groups

Securely Forwarded Audio

  • Have labels securely Forward audio to your account, instead of uploading yourself
  • Keep control of your contacts, no more need to send emails in CSV to clients
flac, alac, aiff, wav, aac and mp3 audio files supported
byta is cheaper than other watermarked promotion services

Flexible Pricing

  • Byta is the only service with per user pricing, meaning savings for most users
  • Send 1Month Free Codes to friends and clients with Byta’s referral program
  • Audio Watermarking optional.
    Don’t need? Don’t pay