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Getting Started

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Ready to start using Byta? Follow our basic guide on how Byta works and you shall be sharing in no time.


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Learn about the different types of sharing with Byta. Upload, edit restrictions and share digital audio with Byta.


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Learn how Byta's activity page allows you to listen to, track and edit your digital audio shares


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Learn how to upload, edit and share audio with Byta's audio library.


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Learn how to upload, edit, share to and delete contacts with Byta


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Find support for changing your account on Byta, upgrading, editing mailchimp keys and more.

Paid Plans

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Byta's paid plans allow you more options when it comes to sharing restrictions, upload storage and contact management. Find out about plans and payments.


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Learn more about the features that come with a Byta Team account, including Forward, sharing restrictions and shared audio libraries.


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Find the answers to our most commonly asked questions regarding all things streaming, downloading and sharing.

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