For the best streaming and downloading experience possible please ensure your browser is set to accept cookies from and whitelist with all privacy and/or ad blocker plugins.
If for some reason you are experiencing issues please follow these steps:
– Refresh the page. In most cases, issues are only temporary
– Clear your browser’s cache and cookies, then restart it
– Try a different browser (such as Firefox, or Chrome) to see if the issue is local to your browser
Safari Users:
Apple purposely prevents websites and web apps from running when in Safari background tabs as a power saving measure. As such users should follow the steps below for the best performance.
Safari OSX
– Keep Byta in a separate browser window, instead of a tab.
Safari iOS
– For continuous playback keep the browser window in focus.
– If you want to navigate to other apps simply switch back to Safari if a track has ended and the following track will play automatically.
– In addition you may wish to prevent sleep on your device. To do this open > Display & Brightness, and change the Auto-Lock setting to “Never”.
Most if not all issues are resolved by reviewing the information above.
In the unlikely event a problem persists, contact us via the red message bubble bottom right on non account pages. Account holders may click “Message Us” from the user menu bottom left.

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