Are you uploading audio to one service, sharing via email and struggling with keeping your file metadata in order? We know that many services allow you to send and receive audio files; however, we believe that you should use just one rather than multiple services to send your files.

Byta is different:

1. Easy Audio File Sharing

Send any combination of singles & albums, stream only or set # of downloads and expiry, all with or without a watermark. Do you want to add additional messages and content? Attach any combination of image files, pdfs, release dates and links.

Read more about Sharing audio with Byta.

2. Managed Receiving

Recipients are not required to sign up for an account to receive audio though anyone can sign up for a free account to receive audio directly to their activity page.

Read more about how recipients use Byta.

3. File Metadata Powered

All artist/track/album information and artwork are pulled directly from the metadata on upload, ensuring no one is sending or receiving unlabelled or incorrectly named tracks.

Read more about why file metadata is important.

Want to know how we know the above reasons are helpful? In 2021 we conducted thorough research into the state of Music sharing; read more about our whitepaper on SynchTank.

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