We understand that, as a sender, your main intention in using Byta is to ensure your audio reaches the recipient. We also understand that sometimes recipients may not want to sign up for a service to listen. At Byta we have built a service that aims to suit your needs as well as those of the recipient.

Using Byta offers a number of share settings that can help you manage the security of the shares that you send but by default, users will not be required to have an account to listen (with the exception of Protected Links).

Users are not required to register to receive audio via Byta

Recipients who haven’t signed up for an account get a normal link in an email that takes them to a simple page to stream and/or download the audio they sent.

My recipient is telling me that they need to sign up to access their audio

There are two reasons this may be happening.

  1. They are already registered with Byta
    Once registered all shares (except Universal Links) will be linked to their registered account and as such, they will need to log in to access. All shares sent to a registered user’s email address will immediately show up in their account. Announcement emails will redirect the user to sign in to stream or download their received Shares.
  2. You have set your share to “Require Account” or have sent a Protected Link
    When you specifically set “require account” on a Direct Link OR send out a Protected Link for tracking and security purposes users are forced to sign up for a free account before audio can be accessed.

What happens if I share with a group of recipients, some with accounts and others without?

Byta automatically takes non-account holders to pages to stream or download their audio, while registered users are redirected to login.

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