Signing in to Byta is as easy as visiting our login page. Add in your registered email address and password then you should be good to go. However, if you do hit upon any issues please have a read over our FAQs below.

What if I don’t remember my password?

Sometimes you forget your password. If that has happened with Byta visit the login page and click “forgot password”. If your email address is registered with Byta then a reset email will be sent to you.

What does “Remember Me” do?

When logging into Byta users have the option to remain logged in for 7 days, speeding up the process of accessing Byta.

Navigating to the landing page will not redirect users in-app.

I have tried logging in after signing up but it says invalid username/password

Please ensure that you have confirmed your email address after signing up. If you try signing up again and it specifies that the email address has been used then you will need to check your spam folder. Byta users can only proceed through to sharing once they have confirmed they are using a valid email address.

If you know you have confirmed your email please check your password and if the problem persists please reset using the steps listed above.

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