What is VAT MOSS And Which Users Does it effect? VAT MOSS is the new tax regulation which was introduced in January 2015 and only effects UK and European subscriptions. In short VAT MOSS requires UK and European digital services to charge customers at their LOCAL rate of VAT, those outside of the UK and […]

Watermark Detect

The Watermark Detect Tab Is Accessible Via The User Menu Users can upload MP3 files to detect if they were previously watermarked and shared via Byta: 1. Click ‘Upload Audio File’ 2. Attach MP3 file 3. Click ‘Check File For Watermark’ If the uploaded file contains a watermark the recipient’s email address will be displayed […]

Upgrading & Downgrading

About Upgrading & Downgrading Your Subscription Users can manage their subscriptions directly from the Account Page. Upgrading From Free After selecting your desired subscription and entering payment details users are automatically upgraded with payment processed immediately. Upgrading To Another Paid Tier You will be immediately upgraded to your new tier with any price difference in […]

User Menu

The User Menu Is Accessible By Clicking On Your Name (bottom left) Users can contact Byta directly, access the Knowledge Base as well as access the following tabs under Account: Settings Password, notification and newsletter settings as well as the Mailchimp Integration. Payment Account and Payment settings Watermark Detect Watermarks in uploaded files (watermark feature […]

Remember Me

Remember Me Allows Users To Stay Signed In For Seven Days Users can click the “remember me” checkbox when logging in to remain signed in for the following 7 days. Once logged in users can navigate to any page inside the app without typing in their login details. Navigating to the landing page will not […]