We know that sharing audio can be tricky. And when it comes to sending audio, you have a lot of options—but not all of them are as secure or easy to use as Byta. Here’s what we do: We make it easy for you to securely send and receive audio in a way that best suits your needs.

Sharing with Byta is as simple as uploading your audio, picking your share type, setting restrictions and sending.

Adding Audio

With Byta, we allow you to upload in most recognised audio file formats, edit your existing metadata or add metadata to files that don’t have it (not including WAVS – Read our article here). 

You can add any combination of albums and single audio files, albums will be grouped as such, and all single tracks with no associated album tags will sit as individual audio cards. If you decide to remove any audio, you can do so by simply clicking the remove icon at the far right of the card. Wish to restart entirely? Just hit the back button at the bottom of the page at any time. 

Once you upload your files, you can select the type of download format you wish to use (if the file is not set to stream only).

Share types

Step 2 of sharing requires you to pick what type of share you would like to create. Byta offers a number of share types, and you can see which are relevant to your plan by looking at the plan breakdowns

All plans offer the option of Direct Links, Universal Links and Protected Links.

Direct Links allow you to track recipients by sending your audio directly to their email with their own unique link. Recipients are not required to have an account to receive audio. 

Read more about Direct Links.

Universal Links generate a single URL unique to the specific share. This link can be pasted anywhere but does not allow you to track who is listening to your audio; it simply allows you to see how often it is being listened to.

Read more about Universal Links 

Protected Links is a more secure version of Universal Links. Upon sharing, your unique link specific to that share will direct anyone that follows it to the Byta signup page. Users of this link must signup for a free Byta account to be able to interact with the audio, allowing you visibility as to who is listening but without you having to manage contact lists. 

Read more about Protected Links

Share Restrictions

To allow for greater control over your audio, Byta offers options when it comes to sharing restrictions. We allow sharers to select download options, expiration dates (paid plans only), security restrictions and watermarking (paid bolt-on).

Read more about Share Restrictions

Byta’s message

All shares allow you to add a short message that will display on the share. If you wish to attach more information to your share, we recommend attaching a PDF via the attachments. 

Adding Attachments

Byta understands that sometimes you need to be able to add more than just a short message. As such, allow the option to add additional files to your share. Byta allows Sharers to add any combination of PDFs, Image files, Release Dates and Smart Links (Coming soon).

Read more about Attachments

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