Byta’s Watermarking is a mostly inaudible stamp on the file that links to the intended recipient’s email address, with the intention of deterring recipients from leaking audio files.  Users on Freelancer and Team plans with the Watermarking bolt-on can send out shares with watermarks.

Adding a watermark to your files

To add a Watermark to all files as part of a share, upload your files on the share page. Then select your share type (watermarking is not available for Universal Links) and under Restrictions, set Watermarking to “yes” in the dropdown menu. Once all restrictions are set and you are happy with your share, simply create the share.

Watermarking is available only for Direct Links, Protected Links, and Mailchimp Embeds. Due to the nature of Universal Links not being connected to specific recipient email addresses, there is no way for us to attach a Watermark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send to large number of contacts when audio files are Watermarked?

Absolutely! We recommend sharing to a specific tag group (read about tagging your contacts here) or sending with our Mailchimp integration for ease.

How do I track if a recipient leaked my audio?

Our article on detecting watermarks in audio files covers how you upload files that you believe were leaked and detect if a Byta watermark is present.

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