Byta’s restrictions allow more control and security when sharing your audio. Free plan users have access to basic share restrictions, with more options available to paid plans. Once a share has audio attached, you can select from the options below to determine how accessible your audio is to your recipients.

Download options

Byta allows users to limit the number of downloads available to their recipients. For Direct, Protected Links, Mailchimp and Forwards, users can select options for how many downloads each user is allowed to access. Universal Links are Stream Only because we do not allow user-specific tracking on these links.

  • Stream only
  • 1 Download *
  • Unlimited downloads*


Looking only to allow recipients to access during a specific time frame? Setting an expiry will make the share inactive after the specified date.

  • no expiry*
  • 1 day*
  • 3 days*
  • 7 day


Adding watermarks to your shares allows you to track any leaked files. For this reason, watermarking is only available to shares related to specific email addresses (Direct Links /Protected Links/Mailchimp Embed/Forward).

Read more about Watermarking.

Require Account

There are times when security is key to your campaign—as such, forcing recipients to sign up for an account when accessing their audio means that recipients can not share your audio links. Without setting recipients to “require account”, unregistered share recipients will have access to a shareable URL. 

Download Formats

Selecting an alternate download format for your files is explained in the article Download File Formats.

*Creator, Freelancer and Team plan only.

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