Adding your audio to your site for streaming and downloads is now possible with Byta’s Embeddable Audio Player. It is a great way to promote your music, audiobooks, podcasts and more.

Paid feature available to Creator +. Read more about our plans here

How to use the Embeddable Audio Player

  1. Register your site
    To ensure your embed code works, visit your account page and register the domain to which your audio will be added. Only one site is valid at any point.
  2. Create a Universal Link
    To create an embed, first, upload your audio, select universal link, set restrictions and create the share.
    We recommend setting the expiry to “no expiry” to prevent the expired share image from showing on your site.
  3. Customise embed code
    Now your share has been created, visit your activity page and click “embed player” to access the embed customiser. Here you can pick the larger or the smaller player (see examples below) and specify widths for the player.
  4. Add to site
    Copy the code from the customiser and now place that on your site.
  5. Track downloads and streams
    As with all universal links, all interactions with your audio can be tracked by clicking “get report”.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like others to be able to embed my player, is that possible?

In short, no. Byta’s embeddable player relies on you stating that it is your audio for sharing. Allowing others to embed audio on their site is currently restricted. If you wish for your label to share the player then we recommend they create their own player.

My audio player isn’t showing.

Ensure that you have done step 1 from the how-to above. You must add the site that you are wishing to share audio on the site field on your account page. Please note that if you change this link at any point, all active embeds will no longer be valid.

Why don’t I see an option to embed my Universal Link?

The Embeddable player is a premium feature that is only available on Creator + plans. Read more about our pricing here

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