Mailchimp Integration

Use Mailchimp to Securely Share Audio In Large Campaigns To Connect Mailchimp To Byta: 1. Navigate to the settings page by clicking on your user menu bottom left. 2. Locate and copy your Mailchimp API from Mailchimp. 3. Paste your Mailchimp API and click SAVE. You will receive an email confirmation, along with the following […]

Download File Formats

Selecting Alternate Download Formats Using Lossless Uploads When attaching audio to a new Share, users who have attached Lossless files will have the option to select an alternate download format for the recipient. Bye clicking the File Format button in the middle of each card, users can select either the original, WAV or MP3 formats. […]


A PDF, JPG and Date May Be Attached On A Per Share Basis Freelance and Team users are permitted to attach, with 2MB max per attachment. The files are uploaded on clicking Share with upload progress shown as SENDING (xx%). Users sharing the same share again are encouraged to use the Re-Share feature to save […]

Share Settings

File Format And Security Options Are Available On A Per Share Basis Freelance and Team users can choose from the following share settings: Watermarking – watermarked or non watermarked files (paid add-on) Format – stream only plus 1,3 or unlimited downloads Expiry – no expiry or 1 day, 3 day or 7 day expiry. Users […]

Creating A Share

Select Share In the Left Hand Menu To Create A New Share Artist and Freelancer users may also click Share from cards in their Media to begin sharing. Create a share in a few quick steps: 1. Search and attach any combination of singles and albums. 2. Add contacts by either pasting email addresses or […]