Tagging Groups Contacts In Any Way You Choose

Sharing to a group of tagged recipients is as simple as typing a tag name into the ‘Search Contacts’ field when creating a Share. The Tag will be displayed along with the number of contacts associated with it. Click to attach as you would a single contact.
To Add Tags To Your Contacts
1. Select a contact by clicking the tag icon to the right of each contact’s email
2. Selected contacts tag icon turns red, repeat to tag multiple contacts
3. ‘+ ADD CONTACTS’ changes to ‘+ ADD TAGS’ click to open
4. Type tag names, each separated by a comma ‘,’ or click ‘x’ to delete tags
5. Click ‘ADD TAG’ to confirm
Editing tags works in the same way
1. Select tag icon on contact(s)
2. Click ‘+ ADD TAGS’
3. Tags shared by ALL selected contacts will be displayed
Use search by tag to edit tag groups
1. Open magnifying glass top right, type tag name and hit enter
2. All contacts with that tag will be displayed, select each contact you want to edit tags for
3. Click ‘+ ADD TAGS’ and edit tags as above

Tag Contacts was last modified: September 1st, 2015 by jen