When you are looking to share to a group of contacts, tagging allows you to simply type a tag name into the ‘Search Contacts’ field when creating a Share. The tag will be displayed along with the number of contacts associated with it. Setting up tags is a straightforward process that can be managed via your contacts page.

To Add Tags To Your Contacts

  1. Click the extend menu and select “edit tags”
  2. Type tag names (single word tags only, each word makes a separate tag) and hit return to add. Alternatively type tag name to search existing tags.
  3. Click ‘Save Tags’ to confirm and return to contacts page.

Viewing and Editing tags

  1. Click the extend menu and select “edit tags” or click on the tag label (see below)
  2. The tag popup will appear and display all available tags.
  3. To delete a tag simply click the “x” icon next to the tag.
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