Import Tagged Contacts

Tag Your Contacts On Import Users who use tag contacts to share to groups of recipients may also choose to add tags when uploading their CSV: 1. Ensure your CSV format is compatible for importing contacts to Byta 2. Add an additional column named ‘tag’ 3. Users may then add any tag name they want […]

Tag Contacts

Tagging Groups Contacts In Any Way You Choose Sharing to a group of tagged recipients is as simple as typing a tag name into the ‘Search Contacts’ field when creating a Share. The Tag will be displayed along with the number of contacts associated with it. Click to attach as you would a single contact. […]

Import Contacts

Importing Contacts Is As Easy As Adding An Individual Contact 1. Click ‘+ Add Contact’ 2. Click ‘+ Add CSV’ 3. Select the appropriate file and click ‘open’ 4. Banner will show ‘xx contacts updated’ Before importing your contacts it’s best to ensure your CSV file uses the correct settings – each field is separated […]

Add Contacts

How To Add An Individual Contact 1. Click ‘+ Add Contact’ 2. Enter First, Last and email address 3. Click Add 4. Banner will show ‘YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY ADDED XX TO CONTACTS’ Email addresses previously used on share page are automatically listed on the contacts page 1. Click the magnifying glass top right 2. Input […]