Importing Contacts Is As Easy As Adding An Individual Contact

1. Click ‘+ Add Contact’
2. Click ‘+ Add CSV’
3. Select the appropriate file and click ‘open’
4. Banner will show ‘xx contacts updated’
Before importing your contacts it’s best to ensure your CSV file uses the correct settings
– each field is separated by a comma
– contact names are split into two separate columns, first name & last name
– each column has a line header, First Name, Last Name, Email
Convert from CSV to CSV
If you are unsure your file is in the correct CSV format we suggest converting it:
1. Navigate to CSV Converter
2. Convert to CSV with the settings: ‘first row is column names’, field separator = Comma
Convert from vCard to CSV (including apple & users)
1. Export your contacts as a vCard from in OSX
2. Navigate to vCard Converter
3. Convert to CSV with the settings: CSV, comma, ‘Add Header Line’, ‘cards with e-mail only’

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