This is a common question in the industry. Users upload a WAV to Byta (or any other service) and find that there is no attached metadata. WAVs, unlike other file formats, do not travel with that data.

So how do I add metadata to a WAV?

With Byta we allow you to add your metadata after upload. We will write the data to the WAV file as we allow you to edit recognised WAV metadata fields. You can add the below:

  • Track name
  • Track number
  • Artist name
  • Total Tracks
  • Album Name
  • Album Artist

If all tracks belong to one album, then you can use the group as album button at the top of the page. If your file names reflect the track names you can also easily populate track titles by clicking the “get track name button”.

Now that you can see your audio with the correct information you can share as you please. If you want to ensure the metadata continues to stay with the files once they reach your recipient then we suggest that you allow recipients to download in a different format. However, Byta supports WAV as a download format (with embedded metadata), ensuring compliance with broadcast submission standards including the BBC’s own guidelines.

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