Learn how to upload, edit and share audio with Byta’s audio library.

Introduction to Audio

Byta’s audio library is a place where you can store, access, and share your audio easily from one spot. If you are a paid us...

Audio – Uploading Audio to Byta

The upload process is the same, whether you upload directly to the share page or add audio to your audio library for future sharin...

Audio – Accepted File Formats

When working with audio, there will be times you or your recipient will be working in different formats to suit their day-to-day n...

Audio – Deleting Audio

Deleting audio from your Audio library is a quick way to revoke access to all active shares of this track/album. As such, it shoul...

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I delete audio?

Use your Audio Library to manage all of your audio files. When you delete any previously shared media those shares become inactive to any past recipients. Audio files already downloaded can not be deactivated.