Understanding The Difference Between FWD and SHARE Paid users upgrading to Teams or being invited to join a Team will notice a key difference on their Audio page. Unlike other paid accounts the SHARE button has been replaced with FWD. Forward (FWD) is a feature unique to Teams explained in this Knowledge Base article. Sharing […]

Edit Metadata After Upload

Editing File Metadata In Uploaded Files Users may quickly edit file metadata and artwork direct from their Audio: 1. Hover-over the right corner of the album or single card you wish to edit 2. Click the “more” button 3. Select Edit Metadata option 4. All fields will become editable, make required changes then click the […]

File Formats & Metadata Explained

A Quick Introduction To File Formats & Metadata This information is adapted from a post titled “WAV Goodbye? Byta’s Solution To Our Metadata Problem” on our blog. When Byta users upload audio, the artist, track, album and artwork information is pulled directly from their files. From then on our users can be certain the information […]

Forward (FWD)

Use Forward To Send Audio To Another User’s Audio Team Account users have the ability to Forward audio to another user’s Audio, setting sharing restrictions in the process. View our Features – Forward (FWD) page for a quick overview. To Forward to another users media: Navigate to your Audio and click share on the card […]

Upload Process

Click Or Drag Tracks Over ‘+ Upload Audio’ To Begin The Upload Process Users can add any combination of singles and albums in any of Byta’s supported file formats. Once the upload process is completed click to confirm your uploaded tracks’ metadata. All the information displayed on screen is exactly what is embedded in your […]

Upload File Formats

Byta Supports The Following File Formats: AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, WAV aka ‘lossless’ AAC, MP3 aka ‘lossy’ Byta also supports WAV as a download format, ensuring compliance with broadcast submission standards including the BBC’s own guidelines.