Editing File Metadata In Uploaded Files

Users may quickly edit file metadata and artwork direct from their Media:
1. Hover-over the right corner of the album or single card you wish to edit
2. Click the lock icon just below the delete button
3. All fields will become editable, make required changes then click the lock icon again
The file information will be updated and pushed to all live links as soon as Byta has processed it.
***Important: Editing Albums Tags***
Tracks in the same file format with the same album tag will be merged together.
Single tracks can be removed from albums by clicking the red ‘X’ when hovering over the track in edit mode. Users can either choose to delete the track or simply remove the album tag.
Once an album tag is removed and changes are saved the single track will be displayed in Media by itself.
To re-add a track to an album simply click edit then add the exact album name again and the track with merge with the album of the same name changes are confirmed.

Edit Metadata After Upload was last modified: January 7th, 2016 by jen