RE-SHARE Is The Quickest Way To Send The Same Share Again The RE-SHARE button on previously shared cards is the perfect shortcut for creating the same share again, all without the need to re-attach media or re-upload attachments. To create a RE-SHARE 1. click re-share on any card to create a new share with previous […]

Senders: Delete & Archive Options

Users Can Archive Or Delete Shares Using Check Or X, Visible By Hovering Over Each Card Deleting One card shared (one album, one track, etc) Activity page delete ​- warning all recipients links will expire ​- card disappears from activity page Media page delete ​- warning all shares will be deleted ​- card disappears from […]

Receivers: Delete & Archive Effects

Learn How Deleting A Share Card Effects Recipients Byta offers simple yet powerful ways to control your shares after then are sent. Here is a list of deleting shares have for the recipients. One card received (one album, one track, etc) Non account holders ​- whole page shows as expired Account holders ​- card shows […]


Search Activity By Clicking The Magnifying Glass, Top Right Users can search the following fields: – name, first and/or last – email address – artist – track – album

Activity Explained

Sending & Receiving Is Quickly Managed From The Activity Page Each single track or group of tracks (grouped by album tag) the user has shared or received is represented by a card. Click to open on each card to reveal more information. Click on each tab to filter results Shared Opening a shared card reveals […]