Sending & Receiving Is Quickly Managed From The Activity Page

Each single track or group of tracks (grouped by album tag) the user has shared or received is represented by a card.

Click to open on each card to reveal more information.

Click on each tab to filter results


Opening a shared card reveals the recipients as well as any attachments (PDF, JPG, release).

Recipients remain greyed out until they engage with your share, stream or download. These are represented by the > * next to each recipient’s email.

An email address showing in red means there was an issue with the recipient’s email address so should be re-confirmed directly with them before resending.


Opening a share card reveals the tracks in that album, single tracks (without an album tag) are grouped separately.

Any attachments (PDF, JPG, release) are all within easy reach and conveniently open in a new browser tab for easy reference.

Tracks can be streamed or download either individually by clicking the buttons to the right of the track or all together using the buttons at top right of the card.


Any card can either be deleted or archived by clicking the X or check in the top right corner of each card.

Archive is helpful to move cards out of sight instead of permanently deleting them.

For more detail see Sender Behaviours and Receiver Behaviours.

Activity Explained was last modified: January 27th, 2021 by jen