About Byta

What Does ‘Byta’ Mean?

“Byta” Is Swedish For Exchange The loose translation of ‘byta’ is ‘exchange’. Other translations include ‘swap’, ‘trade’, ‘transfer’, ‘move’ and ‘get a new post’. All fitting words for what we are doing with Byta. Click on the Google Translate image below to see for yourself.

Free vs Paid Accounts

Byta’s Free Account Is A Quick & Easy Way To Share Your Audio Free Account sharing is limited to 5 recipients with shares automatically set to streaming +3 downloads and 7 Day expiry. File storage is not offered with Byta’s Free Account. Need Upload Storage Or Advanced Sharing Options? Our Paid accounts offer upload storage as […]

Receiving Explained

All Shares Are Tied To The Recipient’s Email Users Never Need To Sign Up In Order To Receive Via Byta Recipients who haven’t signed up for an account get a normal link in an announcement email which takes them to a simple page to stream and/or download the audio they have been sent. Once A […]

Byta’s Referral Program

Paid Account Users Have Their Own Unique Referral Code Your Referral Code page is accessible from the ‘Give 1Mth Free’ button under Contacts. Anyone signing up or upgrading to one of our Paid Plans using a referral code will receive their first month free. The referrer will also receive one month’s discount of 50% for […]

How Is Byta Different?

Byta Is different In 3 Key Ways 1. Dynamic Sharing Send any combination of singles & albums, stream only and/or set # of downloads and expiry, all with or without watermarking. 2. Managed Receiving Recipients are not required to sign up to receive audio though anyone can sign up for free, to receive audio directly […]